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Status of the active chapter

The Iota chapter is currently recruiting the new refounding pledge class that will reestablish Chi Phi at Ohio State. The Iota Alumni Assoc has contracted Tom Healy with Campuspeak (campusspeak.com), a professional fraternity recruitment organisation with a record of success at other Chi Phi chapters. Our contracted cost is roughly $25,000 with additional money due for some enduring services.

Normally there is a lengthy and potentially difficult process for fraternities to join the Ohio State campus as a recognized and legitimate student organisation. The admissions system is overseen by the inter-fraternity council (IFC), which is populated by undergraduate students who pick and choose who comes under review for admission that year and what year they get slotted to.

Rather then potentially be delayed for several more years we were able to use contacts within OSU and our credit for self closing to get permission to admit a pledge class for Fall 2012. It has lead to us having to make some quick decisions, but we are confident the results will be worth it.

On 6/1/12 a 12 man pledge class was pinned by Michael Erickson, a field executive from Chi Phi nationals. I was very impressed by the quality of the new pledge class in both initiative, achievement, and dedication. They've already registered as a student organisation and are well on their way to working towards a Chi Phi badge. I look forward to us coming together as Chi Phi alumni to help them into our ranks.