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Status of Beech Manor

Following the water pipes bursting, and then the fire the alumni assoc/housing corp's finances were at zero. Without the active chapter taxes quickly accumulated and despite a valiant effort by Howard Matre to raise money to not only resolve tax debt but conduct a much needed overhaul we found ourselves in a financial crisis. Property foreclosure was imminent.

As we prepared to loose the house we were approached by Josh Price, a Chi Phi alum of Oregon and former National board member with an opportunity to merge housing corporations and effectively save Beech Manor. The Epsilon Delta Chi Phi chapter functions as a non profit and had enough money in the bank to join with us and invest in house repairs. After reviewing the offer from all angles the Alumni Association transferred the deed to the Beech Manor Housing Corporation in 2010. Beech Manor Housing Corp is a board consisting of Epsilon Delta and Iota alumni (in Oregon the board is recognized as Tri Star Housing) allowing the Iota alumni assoc to focus on chapter development and alumni organisation. Beech Manor Housing Corp initially invested $70k+ to cover back taxes and high priority repairs. 

With the critical concerns addressed we scouted several property management companies in Columbus and decided on Buckeye Reality to handle property maintenance and administration. Buckeye has handled full renovation of 2000 Indianola including unexpected major asbestos remediation, interior redesign, and exterior refresh. All in over a million dollars has been invested in the property.

Currently the house on the hill is being rented to non Greeks while the Iota chapter rebuilds. Revenue generated is going into paying the investment costs to Buckeye and Beech Manor Housing. Once the active chapter reaches adequate membership size and has demonstrated its ability to function effectively as a healthy fraternity we will begin leasing rooms in the house to the actives through Buckeye.

Our house layout has been replaced with a suite style floor plan that has turned 2000 Indianola into a multi-address facility designed to house 22 bedrooms across 4 apartments with all modern amenities and full city and state health and safety requirements. We have had a full hand in all decision processes regarding this transformation, and even being part of every step along the way it is very difficult to see the property changed as drastically as it has.

In a perfect world there would never have been a fire, recruitment would have seen the improvements it needed, alumni contributions would have bountiful and none of this would have been required. However things are not perfect and as we were days away from Chi Phi loosing the house forever we are grateful the for the excellent opportunity Epsilon Delta gave us to save our house. As the years pass and the active chapter grows, so will our accounts and slowly but surely we can return Beech Manor to our familiar layout. I look at it as a goal that requires continual growth which will result in a reunification of the house as a whole and triumph of Chi Phi.

*Please note at this time there are non Chi Phi affiliated students renting the property. We've had several issues already with alumni attempting forced entry. We understand your desire to see the changes first hand, but until we get our guys in there the house needs to be considered private property and viewed from the outside.*
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