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How we got here

On Febuary 25th 2007 a fire originating out of a trash can in the dining room following a work session while the actives were at lunch. While no one was hurt the house was in very poor physical condition despite what the Lantern reported. Beyond cosmetic damage from heat, smoke, and fire axes, several structural supports were compromised. Additionally several large holes were cut in the second floor hallway with chainsaws by the fire department looking for hidden fire. No inch of the house seemed to have escaped some negative impact from the fire. Over the next few weeks the bulk of the active chapter relocated to off site housing and Beech manor was used primarily for a meeting place.

Howard Matre junior spent the better part of the summer at the house replacing wood structure, fixing holes, and doing a great job attempting to repair the damage caused by the fire and by the end not only brought the house up to habitation code but repaired almost all visible damage.

Unfortunately the active chapter did not survive the process. With already low active numbers and the loss of moral, recruitment was not pursued aggressively and the Iota Alumni Association took possession of the charter and placed the chapter into dormant status. Because we did so on our own initiative and in cooperation with Nationals and Ohio State's student activities board we left ourselves in a strong position for a 2012 recolonization.