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2012 Refounding

It seems like only yesterday we celebrated Iota’s 125th at The Ohio State University.    Now after much change and anticipation, we are pleased to announce Iota’s recolonization.  Efforts are progressing quickly and to date 12 new potential brothers are to be pinned in June. 

Efforts to rebuild and expand Iota’s presence have been in the works for years.  Setback such as dwindling membership, an outdated chapterhouse, mounting taxes, and eventually a devastating fire set our endeavors in a tailspin.  We were able to hold onto our chapter status through Ohio State’s Greek Affairs and the chapterhouse is currently completely renovated in a joint venture.  Much has changed and the future is looking bright.  Currently we are embarked on a unified recolonization effort as well as chapter endowment through Chi Phi National.  Campuspeak is the company that is contracted, with endorsement of Chi Phi National, to drive the actual initial recruitment, teach sustaining tools, and provide enduring materials to maintain these efforts.  Our goal this fall is 25+ new qualified men to carry on the traditions and legacy of old Iota.   

Our strength and power to succeed has always rested in the fellowship of its brothers.  The ties that bound us those many years ago when you first accepted your pin and offer into this brotherhood are in need of your support.  It is our hope that the efforts made to date show a solid and exciting rebirth of our traditions.  Our initial financial commitment is the Campuspeak contract. Because of the unique opportunity to get reestablished on campus without jumping through all the university hoops, we are taking the highly unusual (and risky) approach of embarking on a major recruiting campaign without having a significant cash reserve, thus requiring an urgent fundraising campaign at the same time. Our contracted cost is ~$25,000 with additional money due for some enduring services.  The initial payment of $5,000 was due in May and we have not made payment due to insufficient funds.  As many of you know, your Iota Alumni Association is made from interested brothers, like yourself, who lend spare time to continue our combined interest.  None of us are professional recruitment or fund raising personnel.  The short term goal is immediate funding to help cost of recruitment and education.  Without this drive for a viable chapter, any further endowment is moot.  The long term goal is investment funding that sustains future Iota efforts concerning chapter membership, alumni, and property requirements. 

As for the House on the Hill, title to the house was transferred to a non-profit organization operated by Chi Phi Alumni for the purpose of making sorely-needed major renovations, which look great and are more suited to today’s student.  The house is being managed by a local property management company and is currently occupied by non-Chi Phi students, with the plan being to re-populate the house with Chi Phi actives as membership grows and Iota’s presence on campus is more firmly reestablished.

With a refurbished house, a new start on chapter membership, we will see the return of annual alumni events.  Our efforts will be posted on the new website as well as Facebook to help keep all informed of our success.

This being a combined effort through Iota Alumni Association and Chi Phi National, there are several details and ways of showing you support.  100% of gifts given to Iota Alumni Association will go toward these endeavors and this can be done through:


James E. Hunter, CPA

c/o Bodine Perry, LLC

7620 Olentangy River Road

Columbus, Ohio 43235


On the National front, we have several brothers leading the way for giving opportunities to the Chapter Excellence Fund, (CEF).  This can be tax deductable and they have many payment options.  It is estimated that approximately 50% of our Campuspeak contract may be eligible for grant request from Iota’s CEF.  Information on these opportunities can be discussed with:

Beth Knott, knott@chiphi.org 404-231-1824

The website for nationals CEF is:   


*Under the section “I would like to support the following” please make sure to mark “my chapter”.

It’s an exciting time for Iota of Chi Phi and we hope you are pleased with the progress made and promising future of our Fraternity.  Now is the time to show your support for future generations of Ohio State University Iota of Chi Phi men.  They will be the next generation to carry on our legacy of truth, honor, and brotherhood.


Iota Alumni Association

Peter DiGravio,  President

Kort Gronbach, M.D.  Vice-President

James Hunter, CPA. Treasurer

Phil Judy, Esq. Counselor

Mike Waikmen, Past president and alumni at large